Does my boyfriend think I am good inn bed? Help.?

Okay so last time I had sex with my boyfriend he says that I am the best he's ever had. If a man says something like this does he tend to mean it? He also says that he bets my exes still fantasise about this a compliment? Wasn't sure how to take that lol. Advice please!!


  • Wow, how insecure are you?

  • We are all the best until we are not, then it's you got a small dick or you are lame in bed. It's how it works.

  • He's probably just saying that. Similar to when you say his di*k is the biggest you've had.

  • To be brutally honest it doesn't mean a whole lot. Think about it: as your boyfriend do you think he'd talk about girls who were better in bed? Or that he'd ever say "yeah the sex is meh"? He's inclined to treat it as if it's the best ever even if it's average, to spare feelings. He's also grooming your ego with the ex comments, but then again you very well could be the best he'd had yet. Maybe love plays a factor for him or whatever, but overall I'm sure if he wasn't into you during sex you'd know, as you'd likely be single.

  • You misspelled the word husband.

    I'm not a millennial so I know I'm an idiot right?

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