why is it racists if whites vote for Trump but all blacks voted for Obama?



  • It isnt racist to vote for the candidate of your choice. But if you are white and vote for the white guy purely on race grounds, then you can hardly blame black people for doing the same. In any case, as the vote is SECRET, you can only go on hearsay about what anyone has voted. If you choose to believe the right wing propaganda machine then so be it, go ahead and believe it, but I'm pretty sure that not ALL black people voted for Obama at the last Presidential election.

  • Obama isn't a racist. He respects everyone not just the black community. Trump on the other hand is very disrespectful to everyone who isn't like him. Try not looking at the colours of their skins and look at their behaviour instead, then you will understand why people are so against Donald Trump. People may be considered racist if they vote for Donald Trump, because they are supporting a racist man and therefore racism in general.

  • "but all blacks voted for Obama" Well since your entire argument is based on a lie your question fails. Blacks for the last 40 or so years have voted for the democrat candidate at or above 90% in every election. The black vote for Obama was about the same as the black vote for Clinton. In neither case was it 100%

  • Mmm... I guess not. Obama never put his candidacy on 2016 election. So blacks can't vote for him, even if they would wanted to... =D

  • Blacks should have no rights, they take up white jobs which is unfair.

  • They can vote, but once only!

  • This is gibberish and conjecture. And it makes zero sense too.

  • it's not racist it's just the media being the media

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