Help! How do I survive Middle school. Cause im doing a Sukey Job at it?

I hate Middle school. Its hard and the Bitchy People are so BITCHY And i cant stand it at all! Help Please!


  • You have to suck it up and roll with the punches or you can be really cool and different and everyone but the queen bee will like you. Dont be a prep because everyone talks crap about them behind their backs. Be U!!! Dont be a ***** and they will stop being bitchy orrrrrrrrrrrr you can come up with some really cool come backs and get them with that. Thats all i got.

  • Nobody likes middle school.

    All I can say is just try to hang in there till high school...

    but after a while you'll be dying to get outta that place too!

  • haha wait till high school

  • im a seventh my school theres the popular crowd too.But some of the ppl are my friends.Lets say that im one of them too.

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