My boss isn't paying me the new minimum wage in California yet. Is this legal?

Right now I'm still being paid $9/hour, the new minimum wage is $10 in California starting on January 1st 2016. They said that they don't have to pay me $10 yet, is this true or legal?


  • It's for hours worked on and after Jan 1st, not paycheck you received that includes work from before Jan 1st. Those hours can still be under the old minimum wage laws. Only hours worked on Jan 1st and beyond are subject to the new laws.

    If you feel that you are not getting what you deserve, you have the right to file a complaint with California's Labor Department.

  • No. But a few days to make it so is a show of understanding much like a streamlining of duty could have your pay rate surpass the minimum. California business that is progressive and lucrative needs safeguards from corrupt governance that oversees it. I hate to say it, but government must not screw with business and shouldnt ever be allowed to encourage business establishment or ward it away. a city's image is not its governments job. The mayor should not have a will in opposition to investiture that opts into it, but to buffer appeal we can allow.

    Regulatory agencies must not use proprietary info for government profiling. Governance must have all investment transparent in order.

  • The pay rate is determined by when the hours were worked, not by when the paycheck is written.

    If the hours were worked in 2015, then the 2015 rate ($9) applies. The hours worked in 2016, will be payed at the new $10 rate.

  • If your wages are being paid in arrears then you're still being paid for December. When you start receiving pay for January then it'll have to be at the new level.

  • They have to as of January 1. See your paycheck when you finally work hours in January. Unless the law has a loophole re: your age or occupation, minimum means minimum, it's pretty cut and dry.

  • there are numerous exceptions based on such things as number of employees, etc. without a lot more detail, we can't tell.

    suggest you google for the details of the new CA minimum wage law. surely, the local newspapers reported them

  • That's probably because you're paid for hours worked in 2015. Wait until your next check.

  • they have to pay on hours worked after 12-31-15 but the next check you get will probably be hours worked before that so it is still the old rate

  • Check the date in the lower right corner of your computer. What's it say?

  • No it's not true.

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