will they send trillions of dollars from usa carbon taxes to the UN for developing nations?

and are china and india developing nations as well as being the biggest polluters


  • China's industrial base is booming thanks to carbon tax payoffs from countries supporting Kyoto. China makes stuff at a fraction of the cost that we in the west do.

    Basically we're paying them to take away our jobs and lower our economies. But that's part of the socialist agenda in the agw scam.

  • The USA deficit is already at 1 trillion dollars for this time of the current budget year. For you carbon traders and idiots who think this will save the earth, you are so full of it. You may not have a job tomorrow or any chance of one in the future if you continue on this idiotic trance which is contrary to the health of the world.

    Many of you are still in college or even high school and you have no idea what you are saying and are easily led by bad greedy people called liberals. Study very hard on what you are saying and doing and you will someday realize what total nutcakes you were in believing in this nonsense.

  • I am unfamiliar with the current "cap and trade" provisions. Do they allow for US Corporations to purchase carbon offsets from outside of the US, such as the vast amounts of credits purchased by Canadian companies in anticipation of Kyoto?

    If it does, then the answer is YES! Otherwise, if only domestic carbon offsets are permitted, then the answer would be no.

    The biggest transfer of wealth from the US to developing countries is from the competitive disadvantage of US goods and services in the global marketplace. If the US, whose economy is largely predicated on energy, is forced to use less energy at a higher cost, then all US goods and services become overpriced by that rather substantial energy cost. Developing countries will be able to export agricultural products and manufactured goods into the US market under the WTO and will displace equivalent US products in that marketplace! This is fundamentally very bad policy in a globally competitive and energy dependent marketplace.

    The US will have a choice to make, that is to continue to bleed market share and jobs into the global market or else to become so protectionist in its import/export policies that the WTO will collapse entirely and send the global economy back into Depression for a very long time! Obama picked a very bad time to tinker with the US position within a globalized economy by instituting energy taxation policies such as cap and trade!

  • no, for the simple reason we don't have trillions of dollars to spend & no other nations are likely to lend us any more due to our mishandling of the money they've already lent us.

    the international community is already discussing which currency unit should replace the dollar because they recognize that the total collapse of the dollar is now inevitable.

    here's a couple of bits of trivia for you.

    47 cents of every dollar in the current administration's 2009 budget will have to be borrowed.

    the face value of all the American money in circulation, both bills & coins is only $829 billion or a little more than 3/4 of 1 trillion dollars.

    more than 65% of that cash is held overseas by foreign country's .

    if we print more money it will only make the money now in circulation worth even less.

  • I'm sure Crap and Trade will do nothing for the environment. It's all about taking from us, reducing our standard of living, killing off commerce and business, and sending jobs overseas. This money will be given to other countries so Obama can remain popular. There is no reason why we have to finance killing babies and planting trees in other countries. This Crap and Trade will be so full of pork is will make the Stimulus Bill look thrifty.

  • Nope. It will be a hedge market to buy and sell credit, meaning all parties get them, and then they can trade them. Ideally you would improve your operation to where you would not need so much credits, and would be able to sell yours at a profit. Companies that have no choice would have to buy them.

    The real driver is to motivate innovation to where there is no more demand for carbon credits. Any extra credits bought above what is not traded on the open market would be extra money going into the US bank account. Whether they spend that money on something meaningful is up to our government.

    All this carbon stuff is not to give the money to the UN.

    China and India will have to get on-board as all others, but no one seems to want to really encourage them.

  • Some money might be sent overseas to people to plant trees

    and We are to believe it will be done. Sounds like a scam to Me.

  • No they want to reduce industry and population

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