Please save me from pendrive virus (.exe)!!?

3 files name .exe keep existing in my pendrive and my mp3 player. I have tried to reformat them but again they respawn. what should i do in order to remove them??


  • Restart You computer Safe Mode with Networking:

    1. Log out and reboot your machine.

    2. When the machine starts the reboot sequence, press the F8 key repeatedly.

    3. Select Safe Mode with Networking from the resulting menu.

    4. Login. If the malware has changed your password, try logging in as Administrator. By default, Administrator has no password.

    5. The machine will continue booting, but the Windows desktop will look different.

    Then in The Safe With Networking .Download and Scan By Using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

    Download and Scan By Using Super Anti-Spyware Press here

    Download and Scan By Using SmitFraudFix v2.392 (WinXP, Win2K) Press here

    Download and Scan By using Norman Malware Cleaner Press here

    6. When you're finished Remove Virus log out and reboot back into normal mode

  • If it keeps on reappearing, it must be coming from your computer. Try running your anti-virus and antimalware scanners. The only free anti-virus I know of that's halfway decent is AVG. You may want to search for Malwarebytes and Spybot Search & Destroy. It's a virus that sits on your hard drive (maybe in the registry), and copies itself to the removable storage (your pen drive and mp3 player). After those programs kill the virus, delete the .exe files on your removable storage. If all else fails, try booting Windows into safe mode. To do this, click start > Run... > and type in "msconfig.exe." Then, go to "Boot Mode" and select "safe." Then run all your scans (full scans) and you should find the virus. You can also go to and extract and double click mvps.bat in the extracted folder. This will block a lot of common malware, ads, tracking servers, cookies, and viruses.

  • most virus or spyware software will scan removable drives. but it's likely they are installed on your system as well. thats why they come back.

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