can papillon puppies be all black with white chest?


Thank you..I love my puppy greatly...would anybody have any idea what his mix could be?


  • Anneliese...

    The likelihood is that you have a Papillon mix puppy if this is the coloration of his coat. Pure bred Papillons are parti-colored or tri-colored. That means white with an additional color (or two additional colors as in a tri), with a balance between the white and the "color(s)" or a greater amount of white, and the way the colors are presented are identified in various terms.

    Just a bunch of stuff related to standards. The bottom line is, do you love this puppy? Then all that stuff above doesn't matter one bit!

  • It's possible but highly unlikely. Papillons are bred to have distinctive markings that, along with the ears, help give the impression of a butterfly. No Papillon that was bred by an ethical, reputable, caring breeder would look as you have described.

  • I don't think so but I'm not positive that they can't be. I've seen plenty black & white but not really one that was mostly black.


    That puppy looks extremely young. Unless you own the mother, that puppy should not be with you. It needs to be with its mother for another 3-4 weeks!

  • This can be possible but diffidently very unlikely it could also be a mixed breed depending on it's parents so could be possible

  • It's unlikely but probably possible. It's more likely that they are mixes, though.

  • not any papillon that's bred right... who cares where he's black and where he's white as long as he's a lovable happy pap :)

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