Does this sound like a sinus infection to you?

sore throat, stuffy nose, headaches in my forehead and the top/back of my head and sometimes in the sides too. bad breath but i haven't seen any nasal discharge yet. does this sound like a sinus infection? i have a doctors appointment in 2 days so i'll then but does it sound like a sinus problem to you? thanks for your input!


i am also very allergic to cats and bunnies and i went over to my friends house a couple of weeks ago and her bunny was always on my lap and i was petting it. could my allergies cause a sinus infection?


  • It sounds like blocked sinuses to me. In fact, I've been suffering from those same symptoms for the past couple days and the doctor here confirmed sinus. The weather's been pretty cold, dry and I can sense my nostrils burn whenever I inhale deeply.

    Yes, pet allergy can also cause a blocked nose and infection. Sinuses can get inflamed that way as well.

  • The ony matters that relatively helped me was once while my Dr. instructed me approximately a sinus wash so one can kill micro organism. you wish to have distilled water sea salt liquid chlorophyll and colloidal silver from the wellbeing meals retailer. in a pitcher combine one million/four cup water with a pinch of salt and warmth to frame temperature. upload five drops every silver and chlorophyll and blend. utilising a enormous dropper (like one used for boy or girl remedy) drop two complete droppersfull into one part of the nostril whilst laying down. Turn the pinnacle and allow it drain out the opposite nose. Be certain to have paper towels useful. The silver kills the micro organism and there are a number of hundred style that may reside within the sinus cavities and anti biotics do not eliminate all of them. Do this two times an afternoon for every week, blending up the blend recent at any time when. Then do it as soon as every week for protection. There is not anything on this so one can harm you, and it cured me. I don't ought to take claritin, or antibiotics anymore. pleasant needs

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