Looking to buy a kitten-?

I want to buy a kitten, and at the moment I am falling in love with the Bengals.

I want short-haired to medium and at the moment i think it's a grey bengal which i adore.

Like this -



What's your advice? Is there a kitten out there CUTER than this??!


  • Before you actually go out and buy a kitten maybe you could look at some re-homing centres as they may have kittens. If not then perhaps try the local RSPCA centre as they will almost certainly have them.

    Look around and make sure these small little innocent animals are well looked after in the shop.

  • Unless you are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get your cat from a reputable breeder, I would highly suggest looking into shelter cats or maybe a Bengal rescue! Bengal kittens can go for over $1,000.00 and considering all the homeless kittens out there that need a home to love them, I would highly suggest going this route. Best of luck!!

  • It would be so much better if you went to a cat sanctuary where one already needs a home - you would get it for free, too.

    Does it really have to be a bengal?

  • All kittens are cutie. My favourite cats have always been the moggie.

  • OMG soo cute. one of my bffs has a bengal. so beautiful. also red tabbies and pure white kittens are cute...but bengals are awesome! :)

    good luck!

    answer mine?


  • they are very cute. i enjoy these types as well. I wanted one too... here's the problem, they are majorly expensive.

  • Its a-dorable! You should so get it!!!! CATZ are awesome.

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