I need help please answer.?

hi I really need help so tell me what you think.I've been sad for a very long time .And for some reason i can't stop being sad and I call myself ugly sometimes too.People say I pretty but sometimes I can't see past my acne .I try not be sad but I just can't help it.But lately I've been day dreaming a lot too. Please help.what should I too.


  • Loads of teens have Acne. It dosent make any1 look ugly, if any1 ever says that - ignore them!!

    Acne is also very common, head over to here..Fantastic site, where it explains the problem. Helpful video too on how to tackle it!


    Dont let it get you down! Sometimes too...in life - its not whats on the outside that counts. Im sure inside your a warm young girl!

    The acne will calm down, make sure to visit the link above! Your not alone!

  • Acne can be cured . . . just so we are clear on this.

    If you feel that self conscious about it, do something then! Buy face wash, and acne medicine.

    If people call you pretty, then you must be. No reason to be sad when you are able to smile. =)

  • say to your self every day im a mirror that your pretty

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