Ladies, would you date a guy who loves animals?

I am attached to my cat, Gracie. Honestly, I cannot imagine my life without her. She is my four-legged princess. Gracie and I are inseparable. I have always had a soft spot on my heart for animals. I will always have at least one pet. I intend to have several cats one day when I have a big enough house. I might even have a couple of dogs as well. Would you date a guy who loves animals?


  • i laughed when i read the title for this. you might think, "well that's not very nice of you!" but on the contrary, take it as a compliment. i find it humorous that this question even needs to be asked. i assure you from personal experience (me being a girl and all) that any girl worth dating would absolutely love the fact that you're into animals. your love for your cat only shows the female race that you have the ability to love them as well. i have two dogs and two cats and they are my best friends. if any guy i went out with disrespected them in any way, he would be out of my life faster than you could say "goodbye loser." i think a man who has a soft spot for his four legged family members is sweet and there's no doubt in my mind that you will find a lovely lady who appreciates you :]

  • Oh Hell Yeah ! I would definitely date a guy who loves Animals ! For me any guy who loves animals is basically a guy who has a great and strong, warm, heart and huge understanding for love and really knows what love is all about. It would also prove to me that this is a guy who is not ashamed to express his feelings in front of me.

    Me myself I love animals as well - Believe it or not I have a total of 7 Pets ( 4 Cats, 1 Parrot, 1 Dog, and 1 Box Turtle )

    So Yeah I would definitely date a guy who loves animals, We should definitely have more guys like that, all over the world. =)

  • One cat doesn't seem bad, but if you had a whole house full of them, or a large collection of many types of animals - which would take up most of your time taking care of them - that would bother me. I have known people like that, and it is just too much to deal with. Once you are in a relationship with a woman you will need to understand that SHE should come before the critters. That's if you want the relationship with the woman to last. ;) If she doesn't mind a house full of pets, that great, but she should still be the most important one to you. It might take time to find such a person.

  • YES :)

    Not sure if I'd be able to handle cats though...just not a fan. But it shows that he's really sweet and sensitive. I'm the same way with my dog....she's my baby...I don't understand how people have pets and don't get attached like that!! My puppy (she's 5 ahaha) is my baby, my best friend, and I would probably die without her... I don't know why guys would feel any differently :)

  • Animals? Heck yes. It's just a little weird when you're a cat lover guy. But not really. I know this one guy who likes cats, but he's like the cutest guy ever so it doesn't matter at all.

    Dogs are always awesome though.

  • Of course, as long as you don't like the animals more than me:-D

    I adore animals as well, especially cats. I can read animal body language well and just seem to know what they are thinking.

    Unfortunately, my partner-in-crime is now getting asthmatic attacks because of our new tom cat (it seems the allergy is sparked by male cats, who produce more allergen than females) and it pains both of us to have to give him back to the old owners. We cried last night - our cat is the funniest, most energetic cat we have owned!

  • That's almost a stupid question of course i would that makes you more attractive to me i wish my bf felt that strongly about animals the way i do so my answer is yes definitely

  • i would but i hope im not the only 1 lol

  • i think its so adorable! i hate guys who try to act all tough and stuff.

    honestly, more guys should be like you :)

  • yes if I like him

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