Is this how you balance a budget?

Clinton and Gingrich balanced the budget by raising certain taxes on the rich, and making DEEP cuts to core programs such as the military and welfare.

THAT'S how you balance a budget.

But there is nobody in Washington with that kind of willpower to stand up to special interests in Washington.

WHY DO YOU THINK both men were viciously attacked and hung out to dry BY THEIR OWN PARTIES withing the year?

Because they broke the golden rule - thou shallt not cross special interests.


  • This is why I want Gingrich for President. The man does have quite a lot of positive experience.

  • Special interest has run this nation into the ground, you are asking our political leaders to stand up to the very people that get them elected.... unions, banks, wallstreet, the environmental's and the EPA, Christians, Atheists... all the power groups.

    Yes it is how you balance a budget, all most take cuts. We have to get unions under control. We have to stop making and paying for wars. We have to stop nation building unless its this one. We have to put a leash on banks and wallstreet. Entitlements will have to take cuts. We must have truly fair trade not you sell we buy. We will have to stop taking care of other nations people and we will have to actually use pay-go - if we can not pay for it then it needs to go away or cut something else to get the money to pay for it AND the most important... we need to pay our debt down so that we are actually paying principle on our loans with China. That's a lot of work and I am not sure that anything in Washington is up to it.

  • Clinton made deep cuts that have been long forgotten. Plus he sold off Prime Beach front property All those old coastal artillery positions that had been unmanned for a 100 years.

    I'm not pro Clinton; but his 160 IQ did give him an edge when negotiating

  • It will soon be a moot point

    This 110th contrast ran up more debt than all 109 previous congresses combined


    Each citizen owes 10,000 of debt

    So they will either make the hard choices, or it will collapse

  • Everyone is going to be affected by a balanced budget, enough of the whining about the Government passing debt to grandkids, you are those grandkids, we all have to deal with it.

  • Eliminate foreign aid for just one year. Force those countries to fend for themselves for one whole year.

  • This is what is wrong with our economy:

    The lower middle class supports everyone!

  • cutting military spending yes, tightening welfare yes

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