I just saw a bunch of orange lights moving?

in the sky in a straight line or so. at 9 pm . I'm in Raleigh NC no they weren't chinese lanterns or airplanes! they were sort of orange bulbs moving a steady rate atleast 20 of them. I looked it up on google and everything came back to UFO's! i tried to take a video and picture on my iphone but it blurs it out! but no other picture i take that is up in the sky is blurred out! has anyone seen this before?? is anyone in the raleigh nc area?? what was that? my whole family saw it


  • I saw it. But I saw about 50 lights In a circle!!!! Maybe u saw the SIDE?!?! Idk but it freaked me out!!!!! And my dog is missing!!!!!!! This isn't the first time he has run away but... I am Justice Keeding.

  • stressless, its probably just satelites or some sort of reflection of light

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